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My First Weeks in Revelstoke

snow 0 °C

I'm almost two weeks into my Canadian adventures and thought it might be about time to update all you folks back home on what's been happening here.

I've been pretty lucky once again with work and housing. I managed to secure a room in a five bedroom house here in Revelstoke before even leaving Melbourne which made life a lot easier from the beginning. I even managed to score a lift into town from the airport when I landed courtesy of my awesome landlord Matt. He actually lived in the house with myself and a couple of my housemates for the first week of my trip until our last two housemates filtered in. The house is pretty ancient and definitely still a work in progress so the aim was to make sure any major issues could be ironed out before he left town. It was great having him around to give me a bit of a run of the town whilst I was settling in, and to introduced me to a few people too, though I can't say a heap got done around the house - going out drinking and socialising always seemed to win out in the end. Nonetheless and despite the odd issue with downstairs heating, a cliff drop at the back door and a dead cat in the basement, we have power and light and water so the house is still liveable.

My House
My Bedroom
The Kitchen (and Laundry)
Mr Mean, our frozen cat in the basement.

I should fill you in on my housemates too. There are five of us living here now. This was a bit of a concern on one hand due to the fact that we are sharing one bathroom. Thankfully it hasn't been an issue so far due to pretty different work schedules and none of us are ever home for long so touch wood it continues to work alright. There are two guys and three girls including myself. The other girls (Theresa and Chantelle) are both Canadian - Chantelle is French-Canadian and they're both nice enough, though I hardly see them. The guys are Alec (Australian- though you wouldn't guess it as he has the most Canadian looking beard i've ever seen), and Grayson (who is actually Canadian but no beard). Alec and I get on really well, he's been here since I moved in and the two of us seem to be home more than the others so it's always good to have a chat after a big day on the hill. Grayson only moved in last night so we're still sussing him out, he's got some sick back country touring gear that i've been drilling him on already, by the sounds of it he's just getting into it as well so I'm hoping i'll be able to pick up some hints from him!

And then there's work. I was feeling pretty optimistic when I got here about my chances of slipping back into a cruisey bartending job, unfortunately the town is a lot smaller than Banff and before I had even attempted to hand resumes out I had already been told by every man and his dog that no one was hiring for bar staff and it would be pointless to try. So after handing out two resumes to different bars I noticed an add up for a local restaurant needing servers (waitresses) and thought I might as well go for the next best thing. To my horror, the manager took one look at my resume and hired me on the spot, so I had to give up my ski bum lifestyle after only five days and get back to earning some money. It turns out I'm actually not too bad at serving, I haven't dropped any ones food on them yet and although the tips aren't as good as I'd get bartending, the hours are pretty perfect (usually 5pm-10pm about 5 days a week) so I never miss a day on the hill, or a night out!

The first week here I'm embarrassed to say I didn't even make it up the hill skiing. I want to say that I was busy organising my house and a job etc but in all honesty it hadn't snowed in about three weeks, everyone just kept saying how icy and sketchy it was, plus it was pretty dam cold (-30 odd degrees with windchill) and I just didn't want to start me season that way. So my first week here mostly entailed sleeping in until midday, going out for lunches with matt and his friends, coming home for another nap (jet lag had me beat for a while there), and then going out drinking every night. On the plus side it turned out that this was a great way to make a few friends and I've met a heap of cool people already. Revelstoke has the same cool ski town vibe that Banff had, only smaller, so it's always easy to make new friends, at the end of the day we've all got skiing/boarding in common anyway.


Finally on Monday our snow dance proved successful and we lucked out with a massive storm that brought in 43cm of amazing fresh powder in the first 24hours alone! The roads were blocked off in and out of Revel(stuck) by tuesday morning and didn't re-open again until tuesday night. So basically we've been enjoying amazing powder runs all week and the snow hasn't stopped yet so our fingers and toes are crossed that it'll keep on snowing as long as possible!


Here are a few shots of the footpath up to my front door after we shovelled it, just to give you an idea of how much snow we had! A lot of people were stuck in their houses or couldn't get there cars out of the drive, there's a picture of my neighbours house too (un-shovelled) so you can see how people might struggle to get in/out.


I'm going to sign off there for now, that turned into a bit of an essay so great job if you got through it!

I hope everyone's going well at home and soaking up the winter olympics!

Love you all!
Kristina xxxxx

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